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Concept and difference perspectives between Islamic and western civilization


Civilization is often used as a synonym for the boarder term which is culture for both popular and academic circles. Every human being participates in a culture defined as the art, customs, beliefs, values, behaviours and material habits that constitutes a peoples way of life. However, in its most widely used definition, civilization is a descriptive term for relatively complex agricultural and urban culture, civilization can be distinguished from other cultures by their high level of complexity and organization, and by their diverse economic and cultural activities, in this world the civilization may have an existence and also may have its development and also you can make the civilization an existence and some time the civilization may fall down.

In some cases the civilization may start in many ways sometimes a civilization of a certain community may start when they move from one place to another, in this case also may happen in the nomadic community because every time they migrate any place that they thing they can fulfil their basic needs, in some times to stay a permanent place may introduce some civilized people and may lead social satisfaction, some time the existence of a culture of a certain social may cause  some kind of civilization, the downfall or the end of civilization may cause some factors like breakdown, disintegration of social or dissolution when the may happen some mistakes.

In the civilization of this world you may study if you obey some structures, you may study the way the cities are or the way the people the live, the way the integrate each other may be you have to study the way they dress, you have to study the economy and political system of that community and you may look for the way they write their words and the way they make as art, and the base of all of that is the religion that they have, the community that develops their civilization is those who made their bases in religion and knowledge and those who do not focus on material and make their people open minded and may make existence their civilization if they use the changes of the man and the world and focus on the economic demand and also introduce the nature of the men’s development  and practice good leading of the community which are under them , greed, selfishness, ignorance, drug using, fighting people each other for  no reason, killing people each other for no reason may lead the dying of the civilization while in this years the world starts to practice that actions which may lead the fall of their civilization.

Most of the historians they talk a about what civilization is one of them said, civilization cannot exist without a system of writing and system of writing cannot exist except in civilization, other historian said tows which are lived more than five hundred people, and have a written language and monumental ceremonial centre , such as a temples and palaces they have the base of civilization. The great Islamic historian said, using injustice may destroy the civilization of the community. In the religion bases one of the Islamic religion said or believed that the ancient nations in this world such Egyptians, the Chaldeans and the Greek were also based on religious foundations.

The concept of Islamic civilization :

The Islamic civilization is the outcome of the interaction between the cultures of the peoples who converted to Islam either out of faith and conviction or out of allegiance and affiliation. It is the offspring of the cross-fertilization of the cultures and civilizations that were existing in the regions brought under the umbrella of Islam during Islam’s expansion, and the product of their melting in the pot of the principles, values and ideals that came with Islam as a guidance for all the people on Earth. The Islamic civilization is twofold. First, there is an authentic Islamic civilization or a civilization of creativity and ingenuity whose sole origin is Islam and was experienced by the world throughout Islam’s expansion.

Second, a civilization generated by Muslims in empiric domains by extending and improving existing achievements which had been already accomplished by the human genius. This civilization is called the civilization of renaissance and revival. On the outer edge of the Latin world, in Spain, Sicily, and North Africa, and surrounding Byzantium in Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, was the world of Islam. For centuries, Islam was both a threat and the source of new ideas to the Greek East and Latin West. Between the 7th and 12th centuries, Islam became the centre of a brilliant civilization and of a great scientific, philosophic, and artistic culture. Although its language was neither Greek nor Latin, Islam absorbed a great deal of Greek culture which it managed to preserve for the Latin West. In general, it can be said that Islam absorbed and added its culture to the heritage of Greece, Rome, Judaism, Christianity, and the Near East.

The great unifying agent in Islamic civilization was clearly that of Muhammad swt. He was born at Mecca and raised by family of modest means. His father had died in the year of his birth and his mother died when he was 6 years old. At the time of Muhammad’s birth, Mecca was one of the most prosperous caravan cities. However, Mecca was still tied to the traditional social and religious life of the Arabian world. In other words, it was governed by the tribal societies of the desert. Membership in the tribe was determined by blood descent. In such an order, the interests of the individual were always subordinate to those of the group or tribe. Each tribe worshipped its own gods in the form of objects from nature (moon, sky, dog, cat, ram) but all Arabs worshipped one object in common: the Kaaba, a large black stone enshrined at Mecca. It was the Kaaba that made Mecca significant as a place of worship and pilgrimage. The basic beliefs of Muhammad’s religion were (1) that God is good and omnipotent, (2) that God will judge all men on the last day and assign them their place in either Heaven or Hell, (3) that men should thank God for making the world as it is, (4) that God expects men to be generous with their wealth, and (5) that Muhammad was a prophet sent by God to teach men and warn them of the last judgment.

The late status of the Islamic civilization

The present status of the Islamic civilization does not live upto the position befitting the Islamic Ummah. However, this shall not be a reason to view the Islamic civilization as being in the process of collapse. Otherwise, we would be falling into hasty, unfair and inaccurate judgement. There are many evidence and proofs testifying that the theory of the collapse or the decadence of the Islamic civilization as a result of the inability of the Islamic Ummah to assume its role consisting in enriching modern human civilization is totally untenable. This profound and insightful conception of the nature of successive human civilizations will guide us in our analysis of the present status of the Islamic civilization with all its effects, consequences. A thorough examination of the reality of the Islamic world skipping over temporary events and variables, but digging far beneath the surface, would lead to a conclusion which may appear at odds with the external aspect of things and the rationale governing the on-going events. However, if we agree that the destiny of civilizations does not depend on the historical facts of a limited period of history and is not determined by the consequences of the crises befalling societies, we would reach the conviction that the Islamic civilization is, at this historic juncture, in a state of civilization albrace up to take off a new civilizational cycle at the outset of the third millennium. This is confirmed by the premises noted at many levels and the profound interaction with in Islamic Ummah which will necessarily result in positive initiatives that would be crucial in determining the future of the Islamic world. We can even go as far as to reckon that they will be crucial for the future of the whole world.

The state of generalized weakness witnessed by the Islamic world in many domains, compounded with the low growth rates marking the economic and social life of most Islamic societies, are only a casual weakness, a temporary situation which will be followed by other stages. This is part of the laws of the universe and the nature of civilizations. The roots of the Islamic civilizations are still sound and viable. It is incumbent upon Muslims today to resuscitate and revive them by infusing a new blood into the vessels of the Islamic civilization so as to permit it to resume its normal course, keep on yielding its fruits and fulfil its role in salvaging Western civilization which is suffering from dire crises. The only way for these crises to be settled and their catastrophic consequences be averted is to inoculate to Western civilization the principles of Islamic civilization which are deeply spiritual, human and visionary.

The existing question is what is the achievements of Islamic civilization. And as we seen the islam were passed a lot of difference situations and every time islam have had his own civilization for example, The Arabs were worshipping pieces of stone. The Iranians and the Iraqis were worshipping the fire. What can the the fire do to its worshippers but burnining them? The Syrians and the Egyptians were worshipping three gods and they were saying that they were worshipping one god only. Many Indians were worshipping the cows. Islam changed all these wrong believes. Islam is the religion of the One and Only God. Islam brought happiness and internal peace to its followers. And in my meaning Islamic religion may be one of the civilization of the world and may reject many things which become opposite to the civilization. Most of the Islamic population in this universe the are stepping with the civilization and they practice in the way that the Islamic religion allows.

We cannot deny that deny that Muslims-in the old days had a kind of civilization. But where are Muslims now? What are you doing now? The muslims invite non-Muslims to convert to Islam. I believe that we are all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. But some people think that they are the sons and daughters of monkeys. And they use some trick questions which they absorb non muslim people and they ask who is the owner of the universe and is there and comeback day after you died and also they will allow them to enter the peace religion and this kind of experience we can say it may bring the kind of civilization that the Islamic community have and in my idea islam is the leader of the civilization of this universe.

The islamic civilization is twofold. First, there is an authentic. islamic civilization or a civilization of creativity and ingenuity whose sole origin is Islam and was experienced by the world throughout Islam’s expansion. Second, a civilization generated by Muslims in empiric domains by extending and improving existing achievements which had been already accomplished by the human genius. This civilization is called the civilization of renaissance and revival according to this broad and comprehensive conception.

Islamic civilization is a legacy shared among all peoples and nations that once came under its domination and participated in its construction and its flourishing. These are the peoples and nations which left the bonds of the Islamic nation and formed its solid fabric. The Islamic civilization is not the property of a specific race, nor it is a national civilization belonging to a specific people. It is rather a comprehensive civilization which encompasses all their aces and   ethnic groups that contributed to the rise, prosperity and radiance of this civilization, as well as its expansion and influence throughout the world for centuries when the Islamic civilization was in its heydays

The characteristics of Western civilization :

Contemporary Western civilization is based on deep-rooted intellectual foundations that date back as far as ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Five characteristics of Western thought were brilliantly outlined by Dr. Yussuf Al Qaradawi as follows:

1- The flawed knowledge of the divinity: Western perception underlying Western civilization does not have a neat, clear-cut vision of God living up to His true dimensions.

It is rather a hazy and blurred vision.

2- the materialistic propensity: which believes in the primacy of matter as a basis for understanding the universe, knowledge and behaviours, denying at the same time the Metaphysical and spiritual dimension.

3- The secular tendency, which is the upshot and the corollary of the two preceding characteristics. It is a tendency which separates religion from social life.

4- Conflict: It is a civilization pervaded by conflict, civilization which does not believe in peace, quietude or love. It is marked by conflict between man and himself, between man and his fellows and finally between man and his Creator.

5- Feeling of superiority:   It is a drive which is deeply ingrained in the mind of all Westerners. They consider themselves to be superior to others and believe that Western civilization is synonymous to Human Civilization. They recognize no other civilization. these are the salient features of Western civilization both in ancient and modern times. But when we see some things that they believe you may see it makes some conflicts between social, because when they say themselves as a superior in this world, what do you thing that will do the other civilized communities which called them the minority or the ones that less better than them, and that will cause some kind of public conflicts,


In the civilization of this world you may go with if you obey some structures, you may study the way the cities are or the way the people the live, the way the integrate each other may be you have to study the style they dress and may be the way they talk, in Islamic perspective we can say it may better stable or existence than those civilizations in the western communities because in some cases says Islamic civilization was started a long time ago and we can say it was started when the islam migrated from mecca to madina in prophet Mohamed time, but when we can see in western perspective  they have their own civilization history but sometimes when you see their kind of civilization it not based on the religion that they almost have but they do whatever they want to do and they believe whatever thing they did weather it is good or bad is good for the world and they said we have a strong civilization and sometimes they say we are all the best. And that may cause some conflicts between the world community, and the conflicts may cause the fall down of the civilization. some  times the western they do some factors that do the civilization fall down which may i mean the killing of innocent people with no aim and that is one of the major factors may lead fall of the civilization.

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